Hans Neumann/Erick Ramírez


Untitled / Hans Neumann

The picture focuses on representing light as factor of heat; it shows the difference between warm and cold; at the same time, we try to identify the symmetry and the architectural value.

At first, we are taken by the glow of the female figure, as she embraces the last rays of light, before disappearing into the night. The female figure poses with her right hand up perhaps to render the vertical line as a point of departure for a series of lines along the base that follow the same direction. If there is an imaginary line it will meet them at some distant point into the black right horizon. The bright light conveys the energy that empowers the picture. Cold is represented by the color black, which simplifies our composition. At the same time it unites the whole, by placing shadows on both sides to help bring symmetry and balance to the image. Far away the figures of rooftops of buildings under the wakening colored sky do not overwhelm the eye, clearly built independently, we instinctively work out that a significant distance exists between them. Our visual center is a wall; maybe it’s a monument. How tall is it? We don’t know. We could say that the monument resembles those of the great old archeological cities of the past where modern constructions have make their way intruding the scenario, uniting the old world and a new world.

Erick Ramírez