Robert Els/Gustavo Vivanco


Perfection / Robert Els

Architectural Photography

by Gustavo León Vivanco

Translation Janie Simmons

Architectural photography is one of the most complex specialties, requiring a refined technique, an ability to manage perspective, and a detailed understanding of the concept, materials, textures and essence of each project – plus a high-quality team. Nevertheless, there are other resources, much more subjective, that every artist uses in a very particular way. These more subjective visions of architecture, the city and its people enrich this issue of Moment.  Each photographic discourse takes specific elements of our environment to show the tectonics of the materials – for example, the details, backlights and textures in the photography of Oswald Macedo – and scale, which, in the frames of Hans Neumann and Robert Rutoed, is utilized in a unique way to stamp their photos with personality.

Architecture can also help us to compose abstract images by taking the geometry of the building in isolation or with a strong conceptual load, using resources such as graphic design, drawing and collage.  Jeff Demetriou’s cover for this issue does this, and thereby moves us to contemplate the role of the individual in the construction of reality.

The street photography of Leo Theinert, suggestively titled “Chase picks up the tab,” shows us how context can further enhance a photograph. This intense image is juxtaposed in front of the ads and other urban elements that complement each decision frame.  Similarly, Tori Purcell’s images include social and urban elements that show us how important the presence of icons are in the social construction and identity of a country.

The city always gives us surprises: a lonely street in Granada, the silhouette of a woman in a passage of Alhambra, urban games or historic monuments. Ángel Amy Moreno, Luke Mitchell and Senta Sundberg share these images from their camera lenses.  This glimpse of the sixth issue of Moment would not be complete without mentioning contributors and collaborators, Monica Barnes, Alberto Pérez Gómez, Eric Metcalf, Eric Ramirez, Jean-Jacques Decoster, for their essays and their ongoing commitment to the magazine; Sosa Dario Soto and Juan Carlos Meza for sharing the remodeling plan for Andahuaylillas Square in Cusco; and each of the photographers who have offered their visions of what surrounds and concerns and excites us, Senta Sundberg, Luke Mitchell, Robert Rutoed, Hans Neumann, Ángel Amy Moreno, Torry Purcell, Leo Theinert, César Cáceres, Oswaldo Macedo and Jeff Demetriou.

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