Moment: Une Revue de Photo Welcome to the Academic Commons

Esquina de la Calle Triunfo / Gustavo León Vivanco

Moment: Une Revue de Photo is a photography magazine created by Borough of Manhattan Community College Library faculty member, Vicente Revilla.  The magazine is a collaboration of CUNY faculty, as well as colleagues from around the world.  Six issues of Moment have been published over the past four years.  Each issue of text and black and white photographs has been devoted to a single theme. The sixth issue is focused on architectural photography.  Gustavo León Vivanco introduces this issue, in Spanish and English, by arguing that this subfield is “one of the most complex specialities.”

“Subjective visions of architecture, the city and its people enrich this issue of Moment. Each photographic discourse takes specific elements of our environment to show the tectonics of the materials – for example, the details, backlights and textures in the photography of Oswald Macedo – and scale, which, in the frames of Hans Neumann and Robert Rutoed, is utilized in a unique way to stamp their photos with personality.”

The launch of Moment marks the first web publication of a magazine posted on the CUNY Academic Commons. We hope you find pastpresent, and future issues of Moment here on the Academic Commons as interesting and enjoyable as we do. We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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